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Selling Your Home

One point to ponder:  Any Real Estate agent can “list” your property for any price you want to ask but, if you truly want it “SOLD” for the highest “market value”, please consult with a professional Realtor before you list with anyone.

Two points of concern:

1.    Question:  Do you know how to tell if you priced the property too low?

Answer:  You receive four (4) offers of Full Price or more on the first day of your listing.

2.    Question:  Do you know how to tell if you priced the property too high?

Answer:  No one schedules a “showing” of your listing for more than two (2) weeks.

Three ways to tell if you are hiring an “Experienced” Professional Realtor:

1.    Is the Realtor affiliated with a highly respected Real Estate firm in your area,

2.    Has the Realtor been a Top Producer for longer than 10 years,

3.    Does the Realtor ‘know’ the area in which you live and does he provide you with a detailed analysis of comparable houses that are SOLD and LISTED in your area.

Regardless of who you choose for a Realtor (hopefully me) listed below are the three (3) most important assets of property for which a buyer will pay TOP “market value”:

1.    The “location” of the house,

2.    The condition and appearance of the “exterior” of the house – including lawn and landscaping.  (Remember – great “curb appeal” will get the ‘drive by’ lookers to come inside”.

3.    The condition and appearance of the “interior” of the house.  (Remember – if it looks like someone’s family could just ‘move right in’ and turn on the T.V. without cleaning, painting, remodeling, etc., then the “lookers” will be thinking of buying so they can “move right in” with no hassle.

There are many other things that affect buying decisions; number of baths, number of bedrooms, etc. but the three (3) main assets of any given home are these three.  One of these assets can not be changed, the “location”.  The other two you can always improve upon.

A professional Realtor can make recommendations to you about “inexpensive” improvements that may trigger a higher sales price in a shorter period of time.

The following is a list of the services I provide when you hire me to get your home SOLD.
•    Walk through property with seller for thorough review of any potential hang-ups for easy to remedy items, (i.e. curb appeal, landscaping, décor, cleaning, etc.)
•    Install an appropriate sign at the front of the property to invite calls and a chance to sell your lovely home to prospective buyers/callers.
•    Special photos taken by me to amplify all positive aspects of your lovely home.  (These photos will be used on handout sheets, brochures, relocation packages, etc.)
•    Your property is input into MLS (Multiple Listing Service) immediately
•    Your property is put on the Internet within 24 hours
•    Your property is put on the Rector Internet site within 24 hours
•    Detailed handout sheets prepared for open houses, mailouts, available at the house for ALL showings
•    200 of these description sheets mailed to the top Selling Agents throughout Lexington for best coverage
•    “Open House” by mutual agreement between sellers and Realtor
•    “Open House” to be advertised in the Sunday Herald Leader until SOLD
•    Advertised periodically on weekdays in the Herald Leader until SOLD

A key part of any marketing plan is regular communication with the seller to discuss feedback from showings, open houses, call ins, etc. and to determine any modification in the advertising/marketing that may be more effective.  We would be talking at the minimum of once per week to be certain that we both are on the same wavelength and understand everything that has happened to date on this property.  I recommend a Monday night review of all activities of the previous week, including the Sunday Open Houses.  This gives plenty of lead-time to modify our advertising effort or other promotions scheduled for the following week.

The reason I have probably the highest % of my listings (approximately 100%) sell is because of accurate pricing and very detailed aggressive marketing.