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Relocation Checklist

For your convenience, I have developed a list of information that I hope will prove useful to you now and serve as a reference guide in the future.  Again, WELCOME!  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


√   Arrange for transfer of medical and dental records.  If your physician

      cannot recommend someone, there are referral services in Lexington. 

      (Call: 859-279-3444)

√   Complete change-of-address notifications for the post office, accounts,
      magazine subscriptions, etc.

√   Transfer securities and other valuable items from your safety deposit box.

√   Have your estate plan or will reviewed, as some changes may be necessary
      under Kentucky statutes.

√   Call your local insurance agent and advise of your plans.  You will need proper
      coverage during the time you are moving.  Your agent should also  recommend
      you to an agent in Lexington who represents the same insurance company.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE IN LEXINGTON – Hook up your utilities;

KENTUCKY UTILITIES (Electric)  (859) 255-0394
1 Quality Place
1 day advance notice.  Fill out application.  Deposit $125 if all electric home or $50 if gas/electric – deposit waved if you have a letter of credit from previous utility company.

COLUMBIA GAS  (859) 288-0200
2001 Mercer Road
Call and order will be taken over the phone – no deposit.  Need at least 2 days advance notice.

2300 Richmond Rd., Lex.  40502
Call and application will be taken over the phone – no deposit.

WINDSTREAM (Telephone)   1-800-347-1991
318 E. Main Street
Call and information will be taken over the phone – no deposit